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How to promote your barbershop with the stock photos: 4 easy tips

Every business person knows they should promote their business to as many people as possible. But the real question is, how to reach a bigger audience and retain existing ones at the same time?

One effective tool that we know for sure and can recommend is using stock photos. No need to go far. Our high-quality, professionally taken barbershop images can help convey the essence, atmosphere, services, and expertise of your beauty salon. Immerse yourself into the tips below.

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Top marketing tips for growing your barbering business

Define and understand your brand

First of all, ensure that you have a clear understanding of your barbershop's brand identity. If you know what you are aiming for - awesome. If unsure, start with determining the vibe, style, and values you want to convey through your visuals. Will you get a classic, modern, retro, or trendy look? 

On our website, we offer a wide range of beauty salon images that are both high-resolution and visually appealing. Please check the barbershop collection or use convenient filters to search for images that align with your preference. No need to rush and buy now; save them and decide later! Ideally, get a mix to showcase your barbershop's interior, exterior, staff, and services and focus on satisfied customers.

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Upgrade your website

If you already have a website, it's time to give it a trendy retouch. You may want to create a visual story that entices potential customers to step into your shop. The areas to consider:

  • Changing the background to a new and trendy one;
  • Adding and updating a website's menu;
  • Ensuring there is a booking system in place and all contacts are updated;
  • Showcasing interior decor, comfortable waiting area, and clean, well-organized stations;
  • Adding a gallery of services and happy-to-serve staff;
  • A dedicated section for haircuts, shaves, beard trims, styling, grooming sessions, and information on instruments, techniques, and disinfection;
  • Reviews, so your customers trust and select you from other businesses. 
Photo of professional hairdresser working with bearded client in barbershop, closeup

It would be great to introduce your barbers and highlight their expertise. Add captions that demonstrate their experience, what they are best at, and their personalities.

Incorporate shots of satisfied clients enjoying their new looks, engaging in conversation, and leaving with smiles. These pictures will enhance the sense of community and satisfaction.

Photo of professional hairdresser working with client in barbershop, closeup

Integrate social media accounts

Now, link your website to social networks so your customers may reach out to you not only by phone number. Use our photos of the barbershop on your social media platforms. There is a vast collection of high-quality barbershop and hairstylist photos, so find the items that match your vision to make your project catchy.

Post regularly. Tell stories about your shop, staff, services, and customers to become closer to your customers. You may either post new items using the photos from our barbershop collection or repost the older ones if they generated a high number of positive reactions before. Engage with your audience, and give your followers fresh and fascinating stuff. Create your own cozy atmosphere, so people will know where the best barbers are!

Photo of stylish barbershop interior with professional hairdresser's workplace

Extra tips to promote your hair salon

Extend the use of barbershop stock photos to print materials like flyers, brochures, business cards. Make catchy website and social media ads, and do not shy away from newsletters. Maintain consistency in visual themes across all promotional materials for a cohesive brand image. 

Now, it’s time to track some progress:

  • Monitor the impact of your stock photo-driven promotions on a regular basis;
  • Analyze engagement metrics and customer feedback;
  • Adjust your stock photo choices and promotional strategies as needed.
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Africa Images: How we can help you 

While some of these barbershop promotion ideas might be out of your comfort zone, they are worth it. However, it requires some perseverance to achieve decent results, so have patience and stick to your plan. Africa Images photostock can help you with the photos as we offer high-quality visuals for all your commercial and non-commercial projects. 

Our team of professionals delivers the best solutions to make it even more convenient for you. Upgrade your barber shop website and social network accounts without effort: find the pictures that match your project's style, then buy and download them for further use. Create a pleasant experience for your customers so they come back again and again. Bring your barbering business to new heights, and stand out among others!

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