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The project of your dreams has to be fresh-looking, professional, and attract new clients. If you have already spent too much time on best stock photo sites but still have no luck finding anything that fits, Africa Images is the best place for you. Our images cover the latest trends and are suitable for any topic you can imagine.
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Do you brainstorm but still have no exciting ideas for your project’s design? Or does your project need some style and individuality? It’s a common situation, so no need to worry here. Creating a vision board may help. Even if you are working on a specific theme, you may always find and add the right stock-free images that reflect your ideas the most!

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Create your best projects with our finest royalty-free photos. Select between several download packages, even as low as one image, under the standard or extended license. A convenient search will help you quickly find what you are looking for. We always ensure that our present content is trendy, actual, and has new daily additions.

One picture, many uses

Whether you need photo content for a website or social media, outdoor advertising or business, commercial or non-commercial use, digital templates, or printed materials, there are unlimited usage options for the pictures you get. Feel free to check our website, where you can find, buy, and download high-resolution images for any purpose.

Preview sharing feature

We offer a unique feature if you have not decided what pictures you would like to buy. All you need to do is to register the account, add photos to your collection, and share with your business partners or friends for further discussion. No rush - you may proceed with the package purchase once you decide.

JPEG with no background

Why spend time editing out the background from images when you only need to get that one object? Now you may buy high-resolution images with isolated objects for your website straight away, as we’ve done all the hard work for you! Furthermore, the purchased images may be downloaded from your account an indefinite number of times.

You get more than you pay

Whatever visuals you need, we offer the images at the lowest price in trending categories. You may also explore a free images section that allows you to get the content under a special license. Please do not hesitate to check our website for fresh additions. Just remember: you are one click away from the prime photo content.

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Sometimes you may wonder where to buy high-resolution images for your blog or social account. We believe you will find what you are looking for when you check our collections of royalty-free images. So how do you not get lost in an abundance of everything? Browse all pictures with our convenient search or use pre-selected categories.
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While you are still thinking about what unique pictures to add to the website, we already have them. Browse our photo collections and discover hidden gems. We have everything for everybody covering any possible topic.
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Frequently asked questions

What is Africa Images?

Africa Images is a key provider of high-quality stock photography for any possible project you can imagine. Our team produces trendy content on a daily basis that covers the most relevant and updated topics. We aspire to fulfill the brightest, most prominent ideas by combining a creative approach and qualitative implementation.

What is a stock photo?

Although a stock photo is a generic picture, its purpose is to cover a specific topic. This way, you may incorporate it into any relevant project you are working on. The stock images are versatile for business tasks, such as marketing or advertising, or even personal projects, such as blogs or websites illustration, or social network content updates. Whether your project is commercial or non-commercial, they fit; however, please make sure you use the correct license type.

Are stock photos illegal?

The stock photos are illegal only in the case you download the images without permission and use them in your project. All the pictures are copyrighted, which means someone owns them. You can buy a license on our website to avoid any possible legal issues with the stock images you download. We offer two types of licenses, a Standard and an Extended one.

What license do I need?

You can download any files from Africa Images under Standard or Extended license. Each type of license determines how the downloaded material can be used.

The Standard License grants you the right to use the content to create all types of products, except products for resale or free redistribution (printed reproductions - up to 500K number of copies, outdoor advertising - up to 500K number of screenings, digital reproductions - unlimited).

The Extended License is required when using content to create a product that will be resold or redistributed. Extended License includes rights from the Standard License and, in addition, does not have any limits on the number of screenings, uses, or circulation.

Please click to find detailed information about each license type.

How much do I pay per image?

If you need only one image, it will be $5. Get it even cheaper when ordering a bigger pack! Download them for as low as $1.95/image under a Standard license and $51/image under an Extended license. See more on our pricing options page.