Popular questions

What is Africa Images?

Africa Images is a key provider of high-quality stock photography for any possible project you can imagine. Our team produces trendy content on a daily basis that covers the most relevant and updated topics. We aspire to fulfill the brightest, most prominent ideas by combining a creative approach and qualitative implementation.

What is a stock photo?

Although a stock photo is a generic picture, its purpose is to cover a specific topic. This way, you may incorporate it into any relevant project you are working on. The stock images are versatile for business tasks, such as marketing or advertising, or even personal projects, such as blogs or websites illustration, or social network content updates. Whether your project is commercial or non-commercial, they fit; however, please make sure you use the correct license type.

Are stock photos illegal?

The stock photos are illegal only in the case you download the images without permission and use them in your project. All the pictures are copyrighted, which means someone owns them. You can buy a license on our website to avoid any possible legal issues with the stock images you download. We offer two types of licenses, a Standard and an Extended one.

What license do I need?

You can download any files from Africa Images under Standard or Extended license. Each type of license determines how the downloaded material can be used.

The Standard License grants you the right to use the content to create all types of products, except products for resale or free redistribution (printed reproductions - up to 500K number of copies, outdoor advertising - up to 500K number of screenings, digital reproductions - unlimited).

The Extended License is required when using content to create a product that will be resold or redistributed. Extended License includes rights from the Standard License and, in addition, does not have any limits on the number of screenings, uses, or circulation.

Please click to find detailed information about each license type.

How much do I pay per image?

If you need only one image, it will be $5. Get it even cheaper when ordering a bigger pack! Download them for as low as $1.95/image under a Standard license and $51/image under an Extended license. See more on our pricing options page.

What is On-Demand pack?

On-Demand pack is a certain number of images that you can buy and download from Africa Images under Standard and Extended Licenses. The bigger the pack, the lower the price per image. You get the right to use indefinite images according to your pricing plan by buying an On-Demand pack.

Is there an On-Demand pack expiry date?

The On-Demand pack expiry date is one year since its purchase. At the end of that period, all unused downloads will be annulled.

Are there pricing plans intended for teams on Africa Images?

Africa Images does not yet provide a possibility to buy a multi-user plan. But, alternatively, you can purchase individual On-Demand packs for each member.

How to download an image from Africa Images?

Please visit our Pricing section to make a purchase. After successful payment, the number of available downloads will be displayed on the counter on your personal account's "Purchases" page. You can use them whenever you want until the expiry date by clicking the "Download" button on the image download page.

Can I purchase a single image?

Yes, Africa Images allow you to buy a single image. Besides, you can use a pack with a more beneficial tariff. On-Demand pack can be purchased on page Pricing.

Where I can see how many available to download images I still have?

All available to download images are shown in your account on the "Purchases" page. You have to be logged in on Africa Images website to enter your account. Click on your e-mail in the top right corner of the website. Select "My Account" from the drop-down menu and then the "Purchases" page, located on the left side. Counter of available to download images under Standard and Extended licenses respectively will be displayed on the top of the page.

What does the mark "Editorial use only" mean?

Searching on Africa Images by default will show you all current images. However, if you need only editorial content, select the filter "Only Editorial."

Mark "Editorial use only" means that the image is not intended for promotional, advertising, and commercial purposes because it requires the owner's permission. This rule applies to all organizations, without exception, including non-commercial one. 

Editorial materials include images containing registered logotypes, trademarks, together with images of celebrities, copyrighted architecture, sportive, political and social events, etc.

Where I can use editorial materials?

Editorial materials are allowed to be used for informational, scientific, educational, and cultural purposes. For example, it can be news materials, archives, documentary movies, nonfictional books, public presentations, lectures, articles in blogs, and sites. 

Editorial materials are prohibited in any advertising and commercial purposes, which help sell or promote goods or services — for example, product packages, advertisements, promotional articles, commercial brochures, accompanying materials, etc.

When you use editorial material, you must mention the copyright owner - Africa Images stock photo bank and link https://africaimages.com (if possible). Copyright mark must contain the following information: "Africa Images/africaimages.com"

Do I have to pay for image redownloading?

No, you don't have to pay for redownloading. It is free of charge. You can download the image to your computer or download it again from your account on the "Downloads" page or the image download page. Redownloading is accessible whether you have an active plan or not.

How can I use collections?

Collections are intended to allow you to save images that you liked and found on Africa Images. For this purpose, it is necessary to create one or several folders in your account or through the link "Add to collection" on the image download page. 

You can create folders before you decide which pricing plan you need. Collections help to see how images will be combined. They will be good for a particular project.

Can I return an image that's been purchased?

Image returning is not possible due to the digital origin of content. But we can review such schemes if there is an apparent defect or image mismatch to its description on our website.

Can I get money back for the pricing plan that's been purchased?

We can return money to you, if:

  • You didn't use any of the downloads from the pack and applied within 14 days of purchase

We can compensate for downloads, if:

  • There was a defect in the image
  • The image didn't match the description on the site

We cannot return money to you, if:

  • You used at least one download from the pack that's been purchased
  • Term of your pack had expired
I am a contributor. Can I sell the images I made on your website?

Unfortunately, we do not offer such an option at the moment, but we may consider it in the future. Stay tuned!