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How To Achieve Luminous Skin

Glowing skin is considered a sign of health and well-being as it is our largest organ. Taking care of it is not just for the looks; it is essential to general health. And this is the case where prevention works better than fixing a problem. 

Start with determining your skin type. Even if you already know what your skin type is, you should check some recommendations which we have prepared so that you can incorporate them into your skincare and beauty routine. No need to worry about extra costs: most likely, you already have everything you require in your kitchen, bathroom cabinet, or pantry. 

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Top Tips for How to Get Great Skin

Manage the stress levels

It's not a secret that stress can cause skin sensitivities, acne outbreaks, and other skin issues. According to Harvard Health, stress may also interfere with your immune system, negatively affecting your skin capacity and slowing down the healing process.

Take measures to control your stress by getting enough sleep, setting boundaries, and minimizing your to-do list. It would help if you also made time for one or a few favorite activities, such as exercising, yoga, mindful meditation, listening to music, etc. Some people find it effective to talk to a therapist, as it helps them manage their stress levels better. The key is to find what works best for you.  

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Hydrate your skin from inside

Eating a diet rich in nutritious foods like fruit, vegetables, and healthy fats can pack an extra punch when it comes to exercise. The Mayo Clinic claims that eating wholesome fats like fish oils and avoiding processed meals may be directly related to achieving great skin that looks healthier. Also, for better digestion, dose up on probiotics: it will keep your immunity strong and reduce the inflammation in the digestive tract and bloat. 

Drinking at least eight 8-ounce glasses of water daily can lead to healthy skin, but it is still being extensively researched. However, some recent studies have shown a strong link between drinking more water and healthier skin. 

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Be gentle on your skin

What you do in a day can cause drying and cracking to appear. But, by caring for it, you're helping keep it soft and smooth.

  • Wash your face two times a day at the most: excessive washing can remove natural oils from your skin and lead to dryness or premature aging.
  • Use warm water instead of hot water when bathing, and avoid overly-soapy cleansers that may irritate the skin.
  • Shave with a brand-new blade after every shaving session. It's best to lubricate the skin by using soap or shaving gel before the process; use soft yet firm strokes of the razor head against the growth of hair, not against it. Clean off with cold water at the end of shaving so that no hot water remains on your skin for too long.
  • Don't pick spots! If you over-squeeze, you might cause more inflammation or pus to form at the site of the pimple, which could lead to more swelling and redness. Also, if you squeeze, it can lead to scabs and permanent scars. It's better to use the pimple patch that will help to get rid of the annoying red spot just in a couple of days.

Establish a proper skincare routine

You don't want to rob your skin of moisture and impair your skin's protective barrier. That's why you should avoid the facial wash with a heavy-duty formula or scrubbing particles, making your skin squeaky clean. Instead, stick to mild skin care options, which are gentle on the skin and do a hydrating function. 

After washing your face, apply the toner. It will clean any left impurities, deliver additional moisture, and prepare your skin for serum and moisturizer application. Frequent use of toner can significantly improve the look and tightness of your pores when used as part of your daily skincare routine.

Then, you may use the serum and other products, following the consistency rule for proper absorption, starting with the thinnest textures first. For a healthy, luminous skin complexion, choose the products that seal in moisture, support healing, and fight free radicals. If the skin on your face is oily type or combination, that does not mean you need to skip the moisturizer! Simply choose the one that is formulated for your skin.

If your skin is sensitive and irritated, pay attention to aloe vera products, such as gel and cooling gel. It is an excellent way to promote fresh cell formation and remediate inflammation while hydrating the skin and calming the irritation without clogging pores. Apply aloe vera gel after washing your face each day, and you will see how your skin becomes healthy and beautiful. In addition, you may use it to treat sunburns to ease the pain and speed up the healing process. 

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Do not neglect the boosters

If you love homemade skincare, making your own hydrating mask is a beautiful idea! Mix half an avocado, a cup of honey, and half a cup of plain yogurt, then apply to the face for 15 minutes. Avocado is rich in fatty acids and B vitamins, while honey is excellent for hydrating. Homemade masks may be done up to a few times a week. Not a fan? Select and use the store-bought face sheet masks which target anything, starting with pore minimizing and finishing with the brightening effects.

You can look more alive in the short-term and firm and contour your face over time with a simple five-minute face massage. The stimulation can aid in waking up your entire complexion by getting the blood flowing, starting the lymphatic drainage work in your face to flush the toxins, and reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. 

As for another common concern, skin puffiness, you may rapidly reduce it and improve your blood flow by applying cold water, freezing tools, or even ice cubes to the face. The chilled sheet face masks and under-eye jelly patches may give the same effect but with a milder approach. So, better use this option if your skin is sensitive to cold temperatures. 

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Apply the makeup properly

Both the type of foundation you use and how you apply it is crucial for a truly even glow. The application's secret is to buff, not swipe. As a result, it looks seamless and not at all streaky when coverage is achieved with light, brief circular motions. 

If you go out in the morning or daytime, remember to apply sunscreen with SPF15 protection minimum. Use it every morning and all day outside in the sun. The glowing skin doesn't stop on your face. In addition to your regular makeup, feel free to add some shimmer to your face and the d├ęcolletage. It will also help to put the accents on the face right. 

Observe that all the makeup you plan to use has high-quality ingredients and is not expired. Therefore, it will prevent skin conditions such as allergies, rashes, or breakouts.

Additional recommendations for great skin care

No matter how hard and long your day is, at the end of the day, remove makeup before going to bed and wash your face. Removing your makeup while not in use to allow your skin to breathe. This is particularly important at night because the skin can feel dry, and cosmetics can discolor the bedding. For heavy or waterproof makeup removal, use an oil cleanser or hydrophilic oil, then remove the rest with micellar water. Once done, wash your face with facial wash normally.

Remember to take care of your oral and hair care for the best results. Proper oral care protects your gums and teeth from gum disease and contributes to overall well-being. As for washing hair, doing it regularly helps remove dirt, sweat, and body odors, preventing skin from breaking out. 

If you smoke, quitting it would be beneficial, as smoking even a cigarette or two exposes your skin to toxins. Consequently, your skin cells will experience more oxidative stress and age more quickly than average.  

If you have any additional skin concerns, we recommend you to consult a skincare professional. 

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