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The Easy Bedroom Formula For A Good Sleep

Have you ever noticed how comfortable a hotel bed is? It's not a vacation or a travel vibe only but a combination of a high-quality mattress, a mattress topper, fluffy pillows, and clean, white crispy bed sheets that are hard to resist. Once experienced, it's hard to settle for something less. Many people try to recreate the same feeling at home, but they don't know there are tricks to make their experience one-of-a-kind. In this article, we will focus on how to fix your bedroom properly so you get a perfect rest every night and wake up blissfully, ready to start the day. 

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Top suggestions for a better night’s sleep

General guidelines for a bedroom upgrade to get better sleep

You may feel a bit lost or overwhelmed with all the variety of options a market offers. We are here to help you navigate and discover what you need for your bedroom transformation. So, when choosing the items for your bed, you should consider the following to get a good night’s sleep:

  • preferred sleeping position (side, back, and stomach);
  • body type (low, high, fit, tall, children, elderly, etc.);
  • pre-existing health conditions (such as back or neck pain);
  • the price you are ready to pay;
  • color, material, and texture preferences.

Remember that regardless of your choice, your posture must stay healthy, and all your sleeping needs should be satisfied. We do not recommend being thrifty, as this is an investment in your health and well-being. So get the best mattress, pillows, and bedding you can afford.  

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How to find the right mattress

A mattress is the most important item on the list, yet many overlook its importance. It is a considerable investment, but in return, you will sleep much better, so choose it wisely. 

Almost all mattresses can be identified as foam, innerspring, hybrid, latex, or airbed. Once you know your preferred type, the other factors to consider are the mattress firmness, your usual sleeping position, and your body weight:

  • Side sleepers may prefer soft to medium firmness. Back and stomach sleepers should get a more firm option to support the natural curve of the spine, which will help to avoid any back or neck pain in the future.
  • Heavier people and those who are fit should also buy a firm mattress, as a soft one will cause discomfort in the body. Soft bed is only suitable for owners of relatively lightweight, as well as children and people of age.
  • If you are not sleeping alone, discuss the mattress preference with your partner.
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Still trying to figure out what to get? Most hotels have medium or medium-firm mattresses, so start with these options when trying this item in your local store. Make sure you test it for at least 15-20 minutes before you make a decision. Also, keep in mind that the new mattresses may take a while to soften, but the wait is worthwhile. 

For extra comfort, you may add a mattress topper. A topper may also be worth buying if you cannot afford a new mattress yet, or it is not in its best shape, preventing your good night's rest. However, you may skip this step if your budget is tight and you have a relatively cozy mattress. 

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How to get the best pillows

The market offers abundant pillow options with different kinds of stuffing, such as down, fiberfill, feather, memory foam, latex, etc., which vary in firmness and fullness for different sleepers. The sizes are standard, super standard, queen, king, and European.

Once you know your preferred stuffing, choose the pillow according to your sleep preference, also matching its size with the mattress you have:

  • If you are a back sleeper, the pillow of your choice should be of soft to medium firmness, supporting your neck and head, while the neck and spine should stay aligned in the natural curve.
  • For side sleepers, the best pillows are those which support shoulders while keeping the neck and spine aligned, so they should be fuller and firmer.
  • If you sleep on your stomach, try to train yourself to a better position, as it is not suitable for your health, or choose soft and less full pillows to keep the spine aligned.
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How to choose the proper bedding to improve your sleep

We spend approximately a third of our life sleeping, so why not make it comfortable? Good bed sheets, pillowcases, and duvet covers must feel comforting to the skin and be of decent quality so they last. 

While the most popular option is cotton, you may get the polyester blend which will be more durable and less wrinkly in the long run. Also, remember that the bedsheets comfortable for summer may not fit for winter and vice versa. So for the cold season, choose synthetic or wool-containing bed sheets, but for summer, stick to linen, cotton, and silk blends that let the body breathe and self-regulate its temperature. 

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Depending on the size of your mattress, there are single, full, double or twin, queen, and king-size bedsheets. As for the color preference, it's either plains or prints, which should ideally match your bedroom's overall design. If you do not know what to get, the best option is to stick to basics: cream, gray, blue, and purple shades will help you soothe and relax. For a cleaner feeling, buy all-white bedding, but it's totally up to you. 

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How to design and accessorize the room for better sleeping

For the best design, coordinate your bedding with the headboard and the rest of your room. You may choose seasonal sheets and bedding accessories such as decorative pillows, comforters, etc. Do not hesitate to add paintings or posters, display candles, vases, or flowers, or even bring live plants. Place lamps with cozy warm lights, install blackout curtains and lay down soft rags or a carpet for feet to drown in. Need some exciting ideas? Get them in our Home Accessories category, which is dedicated to the most trendy solutions for your home. 

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Make the perfect bedroom environment

Falling asleep will be equally problematic if the bedroom is too cold or hot as it gets stuffy. Also, the right air temperature is crucial not only for falling asleep but also for maintaining healthy, deep sleep, and it should vary between 18°C to 22°C, but you may have your own preferences. For example, children or the elderly may need a warmer temperature to sleep comfortably. 

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Sleep quality is affected not only by temperature but also by humidity. If the air is too dry, let's say, from the central heating system in winter, the person will sleep worse and may even snore. The breathing during sleep is deep and even, and the lungs are well-ventilated. They must get enough moist air that does not contain bacteria, dust, or allergens. Dry air is hazardous for those who suffer from asthma or allergies as it has more allergens and dust. 

You may quickly raise the humidity level in the bedroom by ventilating the room in the evening and doing wet cleaning frequently. If it is still not enough, pay attention to humidifiers that you may use in combination with calming essential oils, or climate complexes, which not only moisturize but also purify the air.  

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Bedding maintenance

No matter what kind of bed items you get, take care of them well so they last and still look their best. Be mindful of the laundry products as they may be too strongly scented or colored and cause skin irritation or respiratory dryness. Also, fabric softeners may eat away the fabrics, and hot water and overdrying break the threads faster. Spin your sheets, pillowcases, and comforter regularly with a mild detergent on a gentle cycle of your washing machine in lukewarm water, cleaning any spots preemptively. 

In addition to this, you should also take care of your pillows, mattresses, and mattress toppers. Mattress toppers and pillows should be washed at least two times a year on a gentle cycle with only a tablespoon of detergent to avoid its buildup inside and dried on low heat. For mattress cleaning, you may either clean it on your own using the mixture of baking soda and distilled white vinegar and sun-dried or hire cleaning services for deeper cleaning. 

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