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Why do we need sweets?

When we speak of something sweet, we usually think of it as a synonym for something nice, pleasant, and delightful, and imagine good things only: sweet dreams, sweet life, sweet deal. And even a person who loves sweets is called a sweet tooth.

While some people eat more sweets, and some eat less, it is still hard to find someone indifferent to a sugar treat. What else do you need to know about sweets? Keep reading this blog post from to learn more!

Everything you need to know about sweets

Why do humans like sugar and sweets? According to scientists, loving sweets is natural and takes place in pre-civilization times when we had to look for food that is higher in calories to survive tough times. Nowadays, when there is enough food for everybody, we still have this relic. Have you ever noticed that children love sweets so much they prefer them to anything else? We are born to love sweets, and our very first meal in life is sweet, too.

So, how do the sweets work?

Why do we crave sweets? While the human body is getting energy from a complex combination of fats and sugars, our brain wants glucose only. Glucose is the fuel for the whole body. All the carbs that enter with the food sooner or later turn into glucose. Then, glucose comes into our blood and gets transported all over our body and straight to the brain. Since our brains work 24/7, there is no possibility of keeping long-term glucose storage as all the energy that has gotten into our blood is usually consumed by the next time we eat, and if it is not, we gain weight. Glucose that has already reached the brain but is not consumed immediately forms glycogen storage that may be used for emergency use, for example, until the next time we have our meal. 

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Perks of eating sweets

What are the benefits of sweets? When consumed, sugar helps to improve the mood by producing serotonin, often called the "happiness hormone." We experience an instant mood boost when we allow ourselves a slice of cake, cookie, or some chocolate. Glucose starts to arrive in our blood while we are still eating sweets. That's why eating something sugary helps us to gain some energy when we are exhausted. Since the actual contents of any sweets are carbs and glucose, they give our body loads of energy and send signals to the brain when we are full. 

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Sweets increase our brain activity levels, improve immune system response, and even prolong life. It is scientifically proven that people who love chocolates, dried fruits, and honey live longer than people who do not love sweet things much. However, we still need to consider the glycemic of sweets as too much sugar content is not good as it may harm in the long run, and too little is not good either as we may look for an extra treat and overeat.

Some people are practicing a low-carb diet to lose weight, which is considered extreme since brains need to have at least 30% of energy coming from glucose. However, our brain cells are susceptible and may respond to the absence of the standard fuel by headache, sluggishness, low mood levels, and hypoglycemia. So, in this case, having a little dessert means no harm. 

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Top recommendations for eating sweets

Although sugar is addicting, we have to admit that nobody says that you have to give up on your favorite sweets and treats. Everything is fine as long as it is in moderation. Our team would like to offer some recommendations that we follow too:

  • Since sweets are getting digested quickly, they may cause sluggishness and make an impact on your energy levels throughout the day, causing you to feel low-battery, especially when eaten for breakfast. If you are a sweet tooth and prefer to have dessert for your first meal, we advise you to opt for foods with a lower glycemic index, such as oats with dried fruit and nuts, granola with yogurt, or whole-grain toast with sweet toppings. You may get some quick breakfast ideas from our stock images.
  • Eat your sweets in the daytime since the energy freed from the sweets eaten by night will not be consumed entirely and may result in unwanted body weight.
  • Have your meals regularly, but do not be too strict with yourself. Allow yourself some sweets once in a while, as they help to cope with the stress better. Sweets mean no harm, too, if the energy consumed is used in action.
  • If you want to eat more healthy desserts or be more conscious about your food choices, pay attention to such products as honey, fresh and dried fruits with no sugar added, and dark chocolate, and balance them out with some protein and fats. Chia puddings with fruits and berries or freshly made smoothies are a beautiful way to start your day or even indulge in your cravings with no guilt added. Take your time to browse through our collection of stock photos for a healthy take on desserts.
  • If you are on the way to reducing sugar consumption, you may look for alternative ways to get the serotonin, such as arts, music, walking with good friends, socializing, sports, sex, or even hugging or kissing someone you love to improve your mood.
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Our conclusion about sweets

Such things as a birthday cake, pie for a Sunday family gathering, a box of chocolates as a friendly gesture, or dessert in a restaurant or cafe after a nice meal are already a significant part of our culture. Who would not like to have a cup of hot chocolate with marshmallows for a cozy evening or macarons for a bit of dessert? 

If you are baking or making your desserts already, you may find some inspiration with our broad collection of stock images, and if not yet, why not give it a try? Making pastries and desserts is not art but therapy for the soul. Also, it is a beautiful idea for family bonding. Just look at those cute cupcakes! Are you ready to bake yet or meditate over cupcake decoration? We are off to a sweet break, got hungry. Cheers!


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