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How To Survive a Long-Haul Flight

Travel is making a strong comeback. Two-thirds of consumers say they aim to travel more in 2022 than in 2021 as a result of several countries easing Covid restrictions and travelers regaining the confidence to travel. In the foreseeable future, industry figures are predicted to surpass even pre-pandemic levels.

Spending 10+ hours in a cramped airplane cabin might seem like your worst nightmare, but if you prepare well and bring a few comforts from home, long-distance travel may be a joy. Here are some tips for long-distance flights that can help you arrive feeling relaxed, at ease, and ready to start enjoying your holiday. 

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Wear comfortable clothing

Just picture an outfit that you'll feel comfortable wearing for ten hours of flight time. Wearing multiple loose layers is perfect to regulate your temperature as you travel because sitting motionless under a strong air conditioner might make you chilly. Closed-toed shoes are preferable to flip-flops in an emergency, but avoid wearing anything too tight because your feet might swell when you're at a high altitude. Why not carry some soft slipper socks that you can wear while flying and then switch out for your regular shoes when you land for maximum comfort?  

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Stretch your legs 

On a long flight, stretching your legs is essential for your mental health as well as lowering your chance of acquiring deep vein thrombosis (DVT). By performing small movements at your seat and getting up every two hours, you can maintain circulation in your legs.

Try this simple ankle rotation exercise routine which can be done from the comfort of your seat: lift your feet off the floor and simultaneously spin both ankles five times in one direction and five times in the opposite direction. To get the best results, do the entire routine five times.

Stay hydrated 

To avoid dehydration, limit the amount of alcohol, tea, and coffee you consume, and drink plenty of water. If at all possible, pack a bottle of water on the flight. To ensure you always have water on hand in between trolley rounds, you may even save any water the cabin crew sends around in an empty plastic bottle and store it in your hand luggage. Bring some eye drops and a small container of moisturizer if you usually get dry eyes. 

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Pack appropriately 

There are several long-haul trip necessities that must be in your cabin bag whether you choose to check a piece of luggage or merely bring a carry-on. Your long-distance trip won't be as enjoyable or comfortable as it could have been if you forget something crucial.

To ensure you're properly prepared for your time in the air, the following items are suggested for packing in your hand luggage:

  • Hand sanitizer
  • Moisturizer
  • Toothpaste and a toothbrush
  • Lip balm
  • Your own snacks – especially if you don’t like plane food or have specific dietary requirements
  • Charging cables
  • A pen – which will be very useful if you need to fill out any landing cards
  • Deodorant
  • Magazines/books
  • Mints
  • Face wipes/wet wipes – particularly helpful when traveling with small children
  • Toys and games – if traveling with children to help keep them occupied
  • Tissues

It goes without saying that you must bring these essentials since without them you won't get very far!

  • Visa and passport information
  • Boarding tickets and a schedule
  • Booking confirmations for hotels
  • Travel insurance papers
  • Any medication
  • Wallet/purse with cash and credit cards
  • Mobile phone or laptop
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Select a good seat 

Here are some straightforward guidelines for picking a decent seat on a lengthy flight:

  • If you want more legroom, sit in the exit rows.
  • If you want to move around the plane or require convenient access to the bathroom, choose an aisle seat.
  • If you want to avoid hearing children crying, avoid sitting near the front of the plane, where there are typically designated seats for infants.
  • Some airlines may need you to register one or two days before departure, but it is best to do it as soon as check-in is available to choose the particular seat you like.

Get some rest 

Pack a thin blanket to make you feel prepared and at ease for sleeping on the plane, and spend money on a good quality travel pillow to prevent neck pain. Invest in a mask and some earplugs to block out light and noise. You'll feel a little bit fresher when you arrive if you bring some essential items with you, including a travel-sized toothbrush and toothpaste.

Choose your airline wisely

Do some research and read reviews on the airline of your choice to see what other passengers have to say before you book your seat. If this is a dealbreaker for you, compare details like legroom dimensions, or ask some other passengers about the quality of the in-flight meals if that's what is most important to you. 

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Take in the entertainment 

Use the time to finish that book you haven't had a chance to get into, watch a few rom-coms or the newest movie, or go through the guidebook to get enthusiastic about your vacation destination. When you're entertained and at ease, time will fly by more quickly.

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