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Daring adventures

Many people around the world claim that traveling is the best way to spend your time and money. They believe that going to new, unknown places, you need to change your life and boost your energy levels, and they are right. However, Chinese wisdom says, “No one returns from traveling the way they used to be.” If you want to discover with us how each journey stimulates personal growth, broadens perspectives, and offers unforgettable experiences, please continue reading our post.

Know your type of traveler

There are four most common types of travelers: camper, explorer, conqueror, and world citizen. 

  • Campers prefer a laid-back vacation, usually with all-inclusive perks of staying or maximum comfort, enjoying the slow pace and every minute of their trip. 
  • Explorers usually take their vacation as a significant and inseparable part of their lives and spend most of their spare time going to new places or making plans about what should be the next trip. 
  • Conquerors take the most of their trip by having adventures and trying new things with enthusiasm, sometimes even while having minimum comfort levels, as they appreciate the emotions and adrenaline rush more than anything. 
  • World citizens quickly find a common language with locals and easily make friends, which helps them organize their trips in the best way. 

Once you know your type, it will be easier for you to decide where to go next. A trip somewhere known or unknown is your source of valuable experience that you may gain through daring adventures abroad or even in your own country. We love traveling and would like to share our list of reasons why.

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Top reasons why travel should be on your to-do list

Understand and change yourself

Sometimes, people get lost in routine while being influenced by circumstances, trends, events, people, or other things. When traveling, you have every opportunity to feel the freedom from daily stress, unnecessary obligations, and the weight of other people’s opinions because you see the real yourself. When nothing distracts you from exploring and having fun, you have enough time and energy to attend to your true feelings and find out what your tastes and preferences are.

Look, listen, feel. If you are abroad, the cultural differences and traditions of other countries may surprise you at first. Still, they will expand your view on things by making you look at the situations from a different angle, broaden your perspective, and make you thoroughly educated and wise in many aspects. It does not matter whether you travel alone or with someone; you will face different situations and gain new knowledge that will shape you into who you are tomorrow.

Meet new people

The more you travel, the more you become open-minded, and the easier it will be to look at the world with someone else’s eyes. Also, when people are outside of their familiar environment, they tend to be less judgemental and become more real themselves without trying to look like someone else.

Maya Angelou, the American writer and poetess, the queen of wise words and the avid traveler, once said: “Perhaps travel cannot prevent bigotry, but by demonstrating that all peoples cry, laugh, eat, worry, and die, it can introduce the idea that if we try to understand each other, we may even become friends.” So, meeting someone is easier than you imagine, and you should not overthink it. You may easily approach someone with small talk and who knows, maybe you will become friends for life!

If your friends are locals or just staying in the same place longer than you, they may share the best spots for dining, shopping, sightseeing, and you may share your own experiences, too. Is not it cool?

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Improve your health

When you visit new places, you meet new people, encounter unusual situations requiring flexible thinking, and get a unique experience that positively impacts your mental health. It makes your mind sharper and more open. It also helps to grow personally and gain creative skills. In addition, you become a more interesting person to talk to, and could even make new friends.

Although we get used to emphasizing the pros of traveling for mental health, it also positively affects physical health. Your immune system improves and creates new antibodies. Since you walk a lot, your muscles and heart become stronger and enduring. It is scientifically proven that people who have vacation regularly have less risk of getting hospitalized with heart and cardiovascular diseases. In addition, fresh experiences reduce stress levels and decrease anxiety levels significantly, making you feel better and refreshed. 

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Learn new things

The pandemic has taught us that sometimes our lives might be under restrictions, and our actions or movements may be limited. We could not go around whenever we wanted; we could not make decisions as it was risky. Luckily, this period will be over soon, so why not celebrate it by going somewhere nice for a vacation? Instead of doing mundane things while staying home, you may consider going hiking, riding bikes, camping, or doing other fun things that make your lives enjoyable, even if you have never done these before. 

You will discover plenty of new information at the stage of planning your trip while creating the route that makes the most of your journey. For now, you see the places on the map, but soon you will see them for real. If you go abroad, you may enrich your knowledge with a new language, traditions, customs, and culture of other countries. Has it ever crossed your mind that travelers have the most exciting stories to share? You may become one of them, and oh, what a lovely company to be with!

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Try new dishes

Food is an indispensable part of our lives. We love food; it makes us happy, and when we discover something tasty, it feels like we go straight to heaven. When we eat, we plan our day and our next meals. When traveling, food becomes an essential and memorable part of our journey.

Although, when staying at home, you may google up some recipes and try recreating them on your own, then you may never know the pleasure of trying real authentic dishes in the country they belong to, and so, you may not learn the real taste of what it’s like. Food tastes the best from where it comes. Plus, when you come home, you may create a time machine effect when you cook similar dishes that you tried before and reminisce about your good times.

Make great memories

If you are spending a vacation with your partner or children, keep in mind that the destination point is not the only place to have fun. The trip itself enriches you with unique experiences and becomes memorable. Do you remember yourself when it was your first trip somewhere? We believe you could not stop thinking about that future trip and maybe even had a sleepless night from excitement. The mind becomes full of joyful emotions, the majority of which are undoubtedly positive. Even if you did not have a good experience when traveling before, we believe it is not too late to build those good memories for yourself and have fun. 

Remember, traveling improves the longevity and quality of your life, saturating it with new experiences and giving colors to life. 


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