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How to freshen the room with the help of plants

Even the room's most trendy and creative interior gets boring over time and needs to be updated. However, completely changing the whole design may be very expensive and bothersome. That's why it is better to go the other way and introduce additional new elements into the interior or replace some of them. And the easiest way to do so is to bring the plants to the place you would like to give a fresh touch to. 

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Due to their practicality and aesthetically attractive appearance, plants in the pots never go out of fashion. They can radically transform even the most ordinary-looking interior, adding lively notes to the concrete walls, glass, wood, plastic, and metal. Aside from aesthetic touch, they produce oxygen and capture carbon dioxide, improving your room's air quality. In this article, we will give you ideas on how to freshen up the interior with the help of plants. 

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Study the subject and determine what you like

If you do not know where to start, one of the options is to browse the pictures of interiors with the plants that inspire you. This will help you to determine the preferred style.

If you go for the Japanese style, having a bonsai tree or decorative bamboo is perfect. High-tech, minimalist, and African styles look amazing when complemented with large-sized succulents with thick stems and plain coloring. Like a classic setting? Pay attention to hanging planters, vertical living walls, and elegant potted plants. Colonial style and Bauhaus match plants with large leaves, such as monstera, ficus, philodendron, or palm tree. For boho, you may create a composition from large plants and complement them with other different greenery that varies in colors, shapes, and sizes.

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Find out the room choice peculiarities

Have you already decided on the room you want to add the plants to? If yes, you must consider the conditions and the best options for the winning looks. So, check the following on how to place indoor plants in an apartment so that it is still beautiful, compact, and safe at the same time: 

  • A beautifully designed entryway is the visiting card of the house. If it's lit, great, which will give you more options. However, in most apartments, this is a darkened room. Therefore, only shade-loving and unpretentious greenery are suitable here.
  • The kitchen has all the proper conditions for any flora to thrive, as it is warm, humid, and usually well-lit. For this reason, a varied selection of houseplants is possible.
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  • A living room is usually the most spacious room in the house, so tall, large-leaved plants are great here.
  • A bedroom should not be crowded with plants. One or two tall plants will do their job. Make sure you skip strong-smelling species.
  • Kids room. Give preference to beautiful, unusual plants that bloom or have original shapes. Keep in mind they should be non-poisonous and without thorns. If your kid is still a baby or a toddler, hanging the greens in a planter on the wall is better.
  • If your bathroom is spacious enough and has a window, add some moisture-loving plants that will thrive with minimal light.
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Determine the best location and placement

Whatever location you prefer for your plants, remember that they still need to have adequate lighting, watering, humidity, and insect care. Also, consider the following tips:

Observe contrast. Avoid placing several identical plants in one row, and remember the contrast of the flower itself with the pot. The more interesting the plant looks, the less attractive the pot should be - go for a simple, plain one. Keep the pots design in the same style as your room.

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Dynamics. When placing multiple plants in a composition, make sure the focal point is perfectly made. It should be one or two significant, outstanding plants surrounded by simpler greens.

Pots size. Large pots will not work in small places as they will make the room visually small and narrow. Choose the pots and plants that will be proportional to the area.

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Buy the plants

You may either check for the plants online or check the nearest plant nursery for the plants you would like to get. They may vary in price depending on their size, maturity, and how easy it is to maintain and grow them. If you are a beginner, we recommend going for simpler options, and once you feel interested and confident enough, expand your choices. Of course, you can always add a new plant whenever you want!

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