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Don't Sit In The Office - Sit In The Garden!

People spend most of their time indoors. Whether they stay at home or in the office, they are slouching in front of a screen the whole day with just a few small breaks. Long working hours, loads of work, and conflicts with colleagues or bosses add to everyday stress, leaving just enough energy to browse cell phones or watch TV after shift. You may not be feeling it at first. However, isn't it better to go out, get connected with nature, and get a breath of fresh air? 

Psychologists and researchers are constantly finding more and more reasons to spend more time outdoors, so gardening would be just perfect if you do not want to leave the house. It is a rewarding, entertaining, and healthy pastime. Even if you do not have your garden or a backyard, still, it's not a problem - tending to a couple of cute flower pots on the balcony or a windowsill will still make you a healthier and happier person. 

This article will share multiple benefits of spending time in a garden. Who knows, you might get yourself a new hobby for your body and soul, if not yet? 

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Top Benefits of Spending Time in a Garden

It's your source of joy

Finding the time for the things you love can make you happy, as well as creating your own space. That's why it's important to design it the way you like. Do not worry if your nature corner is not that big. Even the smallest garden can look gorgeous if you use the space wisely, select proper colors, and get creative with accessories and furniture. Feel free to check our gardening-themed stock photos if you need inspiration. 

Fixing the things, even small ones will give you a sense of accomplishment. This is just one of gardening benefits available. Check what needs to be done first: in spring, usually, it's cleaning up and planting; in summer - watering and checking for pests; in autumn - raking dead leaves and pruning, and winter is time for taking care of trees. Perhaps, you may need to change the flowerbeds, prepare some plants for repotting, or the benches need to be painted. As every gardener takes pride in their work, imagine showing your well-tended, amazing garden to your family or fellow gardeners! 

Photo of worker watering plant at backyard, closeup. Home gardening

It's a great way to stay healthy

Did you know that sunlight is an excellent source of vitamin D? It synthesizes in your body every time you stay outdoors. The eyesight is improving, the pulse is getting slower, and blood pressure is normalizing. This is one of many advantages of gardening.

Gardening is a stress reliever, so ditch your dumbbells, and instead of lifting and bending, do squatting and kneeling while tending to the trees and flowerbeds. Mowing the lawn alone may burn up to 175 calories. Repotting the plants and pulling weeds burns around 150 calories, just for 30 minutes. So, depending on your drive and motivation, it may become an alternative to your routine workout.

Altogether, staying close to nature will improve your physical and mental well-being. You will feel less stressed, energized, and inspired.

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It's a bonding time 

Working together in a garden will build relationships and help you learn more about each other, so do not hesitate to share the activities with your family and loved ones. Engage your kids, too, so they may learn basic things such as planting edible greens, pulling weeds, or harvesting. Let them explore the bugs and small creatures they find under the rocks. Since nothing in the garden grows overnight, show them that determination, hard work, and patience will bear the fruit. 

If you're not much into gardening, setting up a barbecue, alfresco dining space, or making a picnic on the lawn can be a great idea. Just make sure the weather is all right. The food you cook will taste better and fresher outside, and the good mood of sharing meals with the family and friends is guaranteed with great views and proper ambiance.  

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It's rejuvenating and connecting with nature

When you stay outside in green spaces, you lower the risk of depression and recover faster from any psychological stress. Studies have shown that connecting with nature can restore and strengthen our mental capacities, increase focus and attention, and improve sleep quality. That's why it's crucial to create a cozy spot in your garden that will be your place of strength. 

Neaten the part where the sun hits, or where you're most likely to sit and relax, and purchase some decent furniture. Now, whether it's breakfast time or after work, you can make yourself a cup of tea or coffee and bring the book you wanted to read for a while to enjoy. Not much time? Sit in the garden or stay near the plants for as little as ten minutes to reconnect with nature. Even if you are just overseeing it, it will do the magic. 

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It has a positive environmental impact 

There are environmental benefits of home gardening. Creating a properly planned garden contributes to saving our planet, reducing the carbon footprint, and helping biodiversity. Pick various plants and fragrant flowers to attract the bees and butterflies, and plant trees, hedges, and shrubs to create a habitat for diverse wildlife. Place bird feeders and make your own compost to use further. Did you know that making compost is easy? Add fruit and vegetable peelings, tea bags, and coffee grounds and let them sit, then use the product on your plants.

There are also benefits of growing your own food. Grow your fruits, vegetables, and herbs. Start from seeds, or purchase the seedlings for a quick start. Some vegetables can be grown from food scraps, such as celery, onions, turnips, and lettuce. Herbs, such as dill, parsley, thyme, or tarragon, can be easily grown in pots, even on your windowsill. By gardening your produce, you will know exactly what has gone into them. In addition, you will save money on pre-packaged and commercially-grown fruits and vegetables. 

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As we see, working in the garden and staying connected with nature has enormous benefits for everyone. You may easily escape the hustle of the modern lifestyle, unwind, and improve your mood and well-being overall. 

We hope we have shared some great ideas for getting the most out of your garden at home. If you are already inspired to start, re-design, or improve your nature corner, please check our category dedicated to gardening photography.


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