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7 tips how to look great in your business portrait

In our digital era, before you meet someone in person, you will see them in the photo or meet online. Therefore, it would be best if you created a remarkable first impression. A business portrait may help you to make connections and reflect on yourself positively. How will people remember you? Please check some tips from our team on preparing for a photo shoot and creating the highest quality images to make you stand out.

1. Choose the right business portrait photographer

Check reviews on social media and see if people are happy with the work of the photographer and photoshoot outcome. It is a good sign if people say that the photographer made them feel welcome and helped along. Also, it is the job of the photographer to help the models feel confident and comfortable. The price of the photo session is a critical criterion; however, you must know that the more valuable the work of a corporate photographer is, the more they will charge for their services. Remember, your portrait should reflect your industry standard, so if you want to give others confidence in your business, it means showing you are professional in all aspects. 

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2. That perfect photoshoot plan

First of all, try to envision how you see yourself in your future photos and show your best sides. Then, search for similar images that relate to your concept and create a mood board or collage. Next, prepare your outfits, choose a hairstyle that compliments you the most yet looks professional, and try neat daily makeup. Finally, practice your poses and best angles. Check our business portrait collection of stock images for the winning photo poses you may try for yourself.

While you may get a headache trying to plan everything, remember when ideas do not come up, a professional photographer will help you with all of this. They create an environment where it is easy to work, and the person does not feel dreadful about the process. In addition, a highly skilled photographer may help you get your best angles to put your best face forward! 

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3. Prepare for the session and select a location

Contact the photographer by phone or meet them in person for a consultation. When you consult a photographer, describe in detail what you want to get from the photo session. Find out whether they have the required equipment for your photoshoot and whether their skills are relevant. A professional photographer will give recommendations on preparing for the session, provide guidance for the clothes to choose, offer you the appropriate locations and time, and explain everything in detail.

As for location, it is more convenient to shoot in a professional photo studio. However, sometimes you may need to take pictures in your office. Filming in the office is more difficult due to the surroundings and the cost. While the design and furniture in the office may look contemporary and up to the latest trends, they may not be the best background due to the reflecting properties of glass or shiny surfaces. In addition, there might be too many unnecessary things that get in the picture, or the colors do not match. 

Since the photographer has to go to the location twice, it may increase the cost of photo services. They will inspect the site during the first visit and think over the ideas and necessary equipment they have to bring over. Then, the shooting itself will happen during the second visit. So, if you need to take group pictures or pictures of the team in the office but need to cut on budget, please buy and download our ready stock photos for your business and save yourself the hassle. 

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4. How to choose the outfit and hairstyle

To look great in professional headshot photographs, stick to classic as the clothes should not indicate the era you belong to, so dress appropriately and choose clothes that suit you. Let the apparel highlight the best of your body and face; to do so, you must know which colors match your skin and hair color. Keep in mind that solid, neutral colors look better than patterned ones.

If you want to wear patterned clothes, choose the item carefully and limit them to one thing in your outfit. If you want to appear slimmer, wear dark clothes. If you are thin, you may want to put a light-colored dress or jacket on. Most importantly, choose clothes that you feel confident in. Check the photos from our collection for inspiration

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5. How to know which business portrait pose is excellent for you?

The best way to find out your most winning angle is to find it out by experience. First, look in the mirror and see for yourself which side you look better - left or right. Our faces are not entirely symmetrical, so, as a rule, they have a "strong side." Next, determine what poses you do best and how you should smile. Finally, use different postures to understand and remember how you should turn towards the camera. The best pose usually is when you stand at an angle of about 45 degrees to the lens.

Any object close to the camera appears larger. If you do not want to accentuate certain body parts in this way, make sure that they are not closer to the lens than the rest. Good posture can play a huge role in successful photography, so put your shoulders back and straighten yourself. Do not stand with dangling arms and straight legs; try bending them to give your pose to life. Bend your arms and move them slightly away from your body. This will accentuate your figure while holding your hands together will make it more massive. 

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6. Show yourself in the best light

Light is significant for good photography, so you need to pay attention to your business portrait lighting setup. If there is no flash, find a natural source of light that will illuminate the entire face rather than one side only. 

Compare lighting in different rooms. Try to stand with the light shining on you from behind, from above, and from the front to find what best works for you. Avoid light that throws harsh shadows on your face, as it will draw attention to imperfections and create unnatural dark spots in the image while accentuating wrinkles and other problem areas. If you want even light coverage of the entire face from forehead to cheeks and chin, try taking pictures on a cloudy day or using a softer light.

7. Bonus tips

If you are worried that the photo may end up with a double chin, just make sure that the camera is at or slightly above your eye level. Also, a fake smile may ruin a photo, especially when the eyes are not smiling. 

When taking corporate headshot pictures, try this trick: look away from the camera, recall something very pleasant or funny, or imagine that your loved one has just entered the room. You will smile unconsciously but sincerely and joyfully. At this very moment, quickly turn to the photographer. When they click the camera, you should get natural and attractive pictures with a beautiful smile. 

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To get a great business headshot photo, you must take a lot of them! Even professional models pose frame by frame for the perfect shot. The more frames you shoot, the more likely you are to get great photos. So please check our royalty-free photos, too. Add the finest of them to your website, blog, or social network, and you will see your business thrive soon.


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