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How to find a motivation to workout at home

Do you belong to those who seem active in the gym and run in the park every morning, but lack consistency, especially with the new reality? No need to feel guilty about this. We are glad to inform you that you are not alone. Forcing yourself to rethink your lifestyle and start exercising is really difficult. Especially in the current environment, when gyms and parks are getting closed from time to time, and everybody is sitting at home in self-isolation.

Nobody may be forced to play sports or do workouts. You decide for yourself whether you want to do it or not. When we are young and still feel good, all health problems are something distant and will definitely not affect us. However, at the same time, it's better to be aware of the risks and consequences of a sedentary lifestyle. 

If you wish to keep fit and stay healthy, you should devote time to sports at least a couple of times a week. There is no need to immediately oblige yourself with a load of seemingly unbearable tasks, such as waking up at 5am, calculating every slice of fruit you eat or instantly becoming a yoga master. Are you still doubting whether you can handle it? Please check the tips from our team on how to find the motivation to work out at home. 

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Top tips for finding motivation to work out at home

Find the sports that you love

When you think of maintaining shape, the first association comes with a gym. If going to the gym to lift weights makes you sad, it does not mean that everything is lost. As long as you are not planning to become a professional athlete, there is no point forcing yourself to do what you don't want to do. It is much more pleasant and efficient to find what you like. 

Sports activities nowadays are a dime a dozen, so do not be afraid to try new things for yourself, whether it is yoga, swimming, or dancing. You will be surprised that suddenly the sport will open up to you from a new side and give you strength and emotions, so your legs will carry you to the next training on their own. If you suddenly get bored of your sports choice at some point, simply turn on the search mode again. Fortunately, the selection is not just big; it is enormous. 

Remember, when you work out at home, you don't have to force yourself to do what you don't like to do at all. Instead of crunching abs, you may try a plank, bicycle, or scissor kicks. Don't like squats? Lots of other exercises there, just do what makes you happy. Get the exercising ideas in our collection of royalty-free sports photos. Depending on your sports choice, you may want to purchase for yourself a work mat, dumbbells, ball, or a jumping rope. 

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Prepare your outfit

Do not underestimate the power of a perfect sports outfit. In addition to being stylish, it will also help to prevent injury and will boost your confidence. 

Did you know that many sports injuries are caused by improper equipment or sportswear? Therefore, you must have suitable clothing at all times, whether you work out at the gym or home. In addition, you should not practice barefoot, and your shoes should be strong enough to prevent foot injuries and reach maximum effect from the exercise.

Try to imagine yourself training in a stretched T-shirt and sweatpants, and compare it with sportswear, which features quality cuts and materials adapted to absorb sweat effectively and strengthen the muscles. Plus, you'll feel like you're in the gym, which will motivate you to get more active. Simply put, if you see how good you look in the proper gym attire, the urge to exercise will be stronger. Look at our collection of sports outfits and check for something similar online. 

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Plan your training and prepare the place

Doing your sports at home has a line of benefits: saving money, time on the way to the gym and back, a free workout schedule, etc. However, there are plenty of distractions, too, and they may seem more critical and urgent. Everybody needs to do the dishes, wash clothes, tidy up, cook dinner, in the end, just lie on the couch with a book or watch TV series.

To avoid any possible issues on this step, we recommend reserving half an hour for sports and scheduling this time. You may need to include the time for rest since the body needs to recover, too. Meditation is an excellent way to relax. Check the collection of sport-at-home photos to see the convenient ways to organize your workout place.

To focus on your workout, lock the door to the room, mute your phone, and warn your family not to distract you. Otherwise, it is easy to cut it right in the middle of the session when the child enters the room to ask for something or the phone rings. As a result, you might lose the rhythm and will not return to the lesson anymore. 

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Lift your spirit

If you feel lazy halfway through your training session, cheer yourself up. Imagine that you are a professional athlete, and you are watched by a greedy audience who cheers every successful move with shouts and applause. You cannot turn around and leave without finishing your performance. It's quite an unusual way, but it helps people with a good imagination.

Another way is to buy brightly colored stickers from a stationery store and write motivational phrases, such as "You Can Do It," "Just Do It," "Believe and Achieve," or "Never Give Up." Place the stickers on mirrors, walls, and cabinets. They will lift your mood even if you feel bad and remind you of your goals. Writing the desired body parameters on the mirror may help you remember what you are striving for and not lose it at the midpoint. You've got this! 

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Start small, and do not force it

We are all humans, and sometimes we may not want to work out as planned. If you encounter this situation, try to negotiate with yourself. Promise to do just one exercise or shorten the workout to 10 minutes. If after that you feel involved and continue to practice - it's great. If not, then at least you tried. Maybe next time, these 10 minutes will stretch to 15, then to 20. As a result, you will get on a track and will want to train longer. 

It's easy to lose motivation if you exhaust yourself entirely and can't straighten out the next day. Remember, if, for example, 50 squats are too many for you as of the moment, do 20 or 30. In this way, you do not hate yourself at the end of your workout and stay happy with your achievements. Over-efforts are more likely to lead to early disappointment and complete rejection of sports than to good results. Load yourself not 100% if you do not feel so, but 70%, then you will continue to enjoy yourself and at the same time maintain freshness and desire to continue working. When you realize that the current load is no longer enough for you, you may gradually increase it. 

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Important reminder: don't expect instant results

You might be too harsh on yourself and expect progress too soon. Be patient and realize that it is easy to quit what you started halfway through, but this will only mean that you have wasted your energy and time. Hold out until the first results come (usually, it will take you a couple of months), and they will give you a powerful boost of motivation. Who knows, maybe you will like to start a blog about healthy living and how sports changed your life. In this case, you are welcome to check our collection of sports photos to illustrate your content. We are rooting for you! 

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