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Millions of images are no use without a way to filter out needed ones.

Sometimes, it is tough to find appropriate images that are suitable for a specific project. There is a flow of billions of photos, so choosing may take too much time. We value your time and also care about our website's efficiency. So, we provided special filters to make searching for royalty-free images faster. If you want to learn how to use the filter buttons for optimal results, please continue reading our article.

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Optimize your image search using our filter buttons

You can sort images by using specific criteria and find relevant content among thousands of other photos. The filter is available in both desktop and mobile versions of the website.

So, how do you search images by using criteria? 

Filter "Sort by" works together with a search request. The "Most relevant" button primarily shows the closest images to request you enter in the box "search." "Fresh content" displays the latest content first by downloading. 

Filter "Image type" sorts all images into photos and raster images. With the active filter “Illustration,” you can find both fully-fledged finished artworks and individual elements for your projects.   

Using the filter "Orientation," you can find horizontal and vertical images. In addition, the button "Vertical" includes a square format of images.

Some projects need a specific color palette. For this purpose, we provided the filter "Color." In addition, buttons have screen tips with the following color names for convenience: black&white, brown, beige, yellow, orange, red, burgundy, pink, purple, violet, blue, light blue, turquoise, green, and olive. 

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Filter "People" divides the whole gallery into images with models and without. You can clarify your request more and find images with a certain amount of people, particular gender and age, by using the filters "Number of people," "Gender," and "Age" accordingly.

Filter "Isolation" allows you to find photos with isolated objects. It means that they are extracted from an image or, in other words, separated from the background. Isolation makes it possible to easily use them in any design with less effort on post-processing.

Filter "Usage" is intended for searching editorial and non-editorial content. You can read about the editorial materials in our FAQ in detail.

All mentioned filters work based on "AND" criteria. If you choose filters "With people" and "Orange," will be found images with people and where an orange color is prevalent or contained. For an even more efficient search, you can combine filter buttons with your request entered in the box "Search."

We continue to enhance our service, and we look forward to hearing your wishes and comments about improving our website. 

With appreciation, Africa Images team!


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